Andrea is a painter and artist based in Saratoga Springs, NY. Taking inspiration from nature and music, she creates large abstract works using acrylic paint on canvas.

Andrea discovered her passion for painting through a love of fixing things around the house, gardening, and creating spaces for her three kids. One day, instead of starting a new project, she followed her creative impulses to the craft store and purchased a canvas and some acrylic paints. She had a tiny space next to her bed where she created a “studio” and over time and with a lot of experimenting, her painting became a passion and an adventure….an unexpected personal journey.

The adventure started with the empty canvas and, somehow, each time the colors, layers and texture become a painting. Each new canvas, she commits to a process of letting go and allowing the painting to develop organically. This process allows her anxiousness over results to give way to aliveness and freedom. Allowing this “unfolding” and relinquishing control is the hardest, yet, most exciting thing about the creative process for Andrea. Painting has given her this “wisdom of letting go,” the ability to show up in the world in new and exciting ways, to take more chances, and experience new things with presence and awareness.

Andrea has been on this unexpected journey for over 15 years creating and developing her own unique style.

You can buy prints, cards, and other items with Andrea's art in her Etsy shop

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